Leaders Look Within

Dig deep to understand what’s in your heart to help you unleash the true leader spirit inside of you

The corporate world can be demanding when success is only measured in KPIs and numbers. Even if positive results happen on paper, you have more to offer your company, but now feel like just another person who goes to work each day to do a job that has to be done.

Leadership isn’t easy. But you have the power to lead in your hand when you start from within.

Brent Pohlman, owner and CEO of Midwest Laboratories, broke through the same challenges to find success by unleashing his entrepreneurial spirit. A person of deep faith, he coaches people to lead from the heart. In Leaders Look Within, he shows you how to achieve the business role you dream of by focusing on how to be a good leader through self-examination and gratitude. His inspirational guide includes management habits and practical lessons you can apply to change your work and personal life for the better.


You’ll Discover: 


A strategic plan to transform teamwork

With people who share your strong values, resulting in a more remarkable work environment.


An effortless gratitude practice

That frees you to live with a positive attitude and purpose while showing others love and concern.


A daily routine to bring your A-game every day

And create a work life balance, resulting in greater trust, power, emotional intelligence, and productivity.


Tools and methods to pull out your optimal energy

To achieve more while being an effective leader.


Questions to discover what is holding you back

From being the leader you want to be.

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Leaders Look Within

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